3D modeling

Premium 3D modeling services for high-⁠end
furniture and home decor companies.

About us

We aim to provide quality 3D modeling services for high-end companies in the furniture and home decor industries. Our client base consists primarily of high-profile furniture and design companies that are working with architects and interior designers.

Our services

The fundamental basis of our process of creating the 3D models is extremely streamlined, organized and optimized in a way so that the quality and performance are in a perfect balance. Also having experience with a broad spectrum of clients allows us to better recognize, understand and fulfil the needs of a particular client.

The process

In order to achieve consistent results and provide a smooth experience, we follow a strict process that consists of three key steps. Knowing that each and every client is unique with a different set of goals, we put emphasis on clear communication and transparent project management. Our skilful team of 3D modelers pay attention to every little detail with the intention to deliver realistic and top quality services.

1. Sending images

First, the client sends us the photos of the product along with measurements and some additional info about the desired color and material variations.

2. Model creation

Next, our 3D modeling team carefully crafts the 3D models of products based on the photos and information that they have received at the beginning.

3. The delivery

After making sure the final results are trustworthy representations of the real products, we will deliver the 3D models in any desired formats available.

Those are some standard 3D formats that we deliver. In case you need something special, feel free to message us at info@carat3d.com

Impactful visuals

It is of utmost importance for us to deliver flawless services, as we fully realize that our clients are living and breathing the premium design.

With more than 15 years of experience in 3D modeling, we employ a structured and flexible process that allows us to facilitate the client's goals and cater to his unique needs.

Are you looking for something special?

Whether you plan on providing unforgettable customer experience utilizing a custom Augmented Reality solutions or you wish to impress your clients by embedding a 360° viewer / configurator on your website - head over to the AR Visual site where you can familiarize yourself with all the different possibilities.

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